IL Muslim Civic Coalition will collaborate and amplify social and civic engagement between Muslim individuals/organizations with the goals of building networks, advocacy, and mobilizing the community towards representation and political education/engagement.



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Educate & Advocate

  • Eliminate the gap between faith and civic engagement by masjid and faith leaders promoting civic engagement, joining social service organizations and voting

  • American Muslims own being American so that 70% of Muslims also identify as American

  • Provide service programming for our youth starting at kindergarten level in every after-school and weekend school program, focusing on involvement in civic communities (specific issues, volunteer, lead service projects, run for class president, etc.)

  • Regular community education workshops and events on the importance of civic engagement and voting, on specific issues (immigration, gun violence, etc).

  • Establish successful institutions and local groups that serve as think tanks, and civic institutions that focus on the needs of the community, and take action. Join and seek support from existing organizations in your area (Lake County United, DuPage United, ACLU, universities)

  • Research and fund a knowledge trust that gathers regular data and mapping of community demographics, voting patterns, strengths, challenges, etc

  • Have a accurate landscape of current IL Am Muslims organizations that serve the IL Am Muslim community in every area- faith, social service, civics, etc


  • Build a strong and shared Muslim American Narrative founded on faith, core values and responsibilities

  • Strengthen Intra-Muslim Inclusion through diverse representation, participation and coalitions across the Muslim community.

  • Manage strong relationships with elected/appointed officials through regularly scheduled meetings, participation and support with key events/initiatives

  • Leverage businesses and corporate leadership for support with capacity and influence

  • Be active in coalitions with other racial, ethnic and faith groups towards collective goals.

Representation & Political Engagement

  • Promote civic focused professions in families (teacher, police officer, county employee, etc) or promote the service aspect of all professions

  • Set an environment where Islamophobic speech is as radioactive as anti Semitic speech. Any time a person campaigns or denigrates Muslims, have a process to shut them down

  • Mobilize individuals to participate in neighborhood and community activities like community bike ride, community picnics, serve on local library and PTA

  • Provide Rapid Response to critical issues and crisis

  • Engage very early in the political process: policy, campaigning. Stakeholders and elected officials are coming to us in the process and to build their Advisory/ Cabinet teams


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  • GOTV is a priority. Mobilize our community to vote in blocks/numbers strategically in a few key races.

  • Identify masjid as voter registration sites, polling locations

  • Host forums for elected officials to ensure our needs are articulated and supported. Have a seat at the table and be viewed as a strategic ally.

  • Have at least 50% of the Muslim community voting in General Elections (November) and move towards that number in Primary Elections.

  • Develop and infrastructure to recruit and train Am Muslim candidates and their campaign teams

  • Develop a bench of Muslim politicos (talent development), fundraisers, policy experts and community organizers who can train others and share best practices

  • Have elected officials and representation at every level: County, state, city and suburban levels and on public interest boards, advisory councils and mainstream institutions especially where there is a 3% or more Am Muslim community.

  • Prepare and plug in our Youth and Young Adults in Political Engagement(interning/ senate page programs etc)