Our Mission

The IL Muslim Civic Coalition mission is to collaborate and amplify social and civic efforts. We partner with individuals, organizations and public officials who share core values of integrity, inclusion, courageous leadership, and service towards a strong and equitable America.

The Coalition is a partnership of 250+ Activists, Influencers and Organizations. We empower the voices of cultural and diverse Muslims.

Muslims have been an integral part of America for over 400 years. Today- we serve as business owners, construction workers, doctors, engineers, teachers, homemakers, Uber drivers – and good neighbors!

Collaborate. Amplify.

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American Muslims are an integral part of today’s America. American Muslims have diverse racial, ethnic, political, professional, class and religious identities. The story of the IL Muslim Civic Coalition is not a new one. Muslims have been part of the American story for the last 400 years…


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